Plant Shop

A mobile friendly e-commerce website built using React, Typescript, Django, and Stripe, that allows customers to buy houseplants, with or without an account, and allows admin users to manage their shop inventory.

Budget Tracker App

Budget tracker web application that is mobile friendly that helps track expenses, built using React and AWS lambda. To test, use and TestPassw0rd.

Stock finder

Stock Finder is an interactive and mobile friendly web application for finding and visualizing information about a stock, created using React and Finnhub API.

Movie and TV show search app

Responsive web application created using React TMDb API, that lets users search for shows, bookmark search results, and save favourite movies or tv shows when logged in.

Complex To Do

A slightly more complex to-do list, where lists can have tasks and subtasks. Purely frontend focused, no database, built using React.

BG score

BG scores is a web application built using Flask and JavaScript that allows users to record the board games played, including the date of the game, the players, and their scores.